Let me introduce to you....Kaycee - Owner/Founder/Curl Lover of TLC

I met Kaycee really by chance. A good friend of mine, also a proud woman in business, added me to a facebook group called "Like minded bitches drinking wine" - which is a group of women all in business, leaning on each other for support, ideas, encouragement etc. So when I first joined I was scrolling through, as you do, and I came across a post by Kaycee. I think it was the photo of her gorgeous pink curls that first grabbed my attention, but as I read her post about celebrating a win and what it was she did, it was here I said to myself... "I need TLC in my life!".

As a fellow 'Curly' it was fabulous to hear about all the devine products she had available on her online shop - and she was pretty local to me. I had long forgotten how my curls looked; after almost 7 years of a constant mum bun (the joys of being a mother to young children), and barely having enough time to wash my hair once a week, let alone style it, I decided it was time to start looking after me...starting with bringing my curls back! The TLC website got me excited, but I was quickly overwhelmed by how many products there were. I reached out to Kaycee (as recommended to) and what followed was something that I have not really experienced from an "online" business......Kaycee's level of customer service and genuine interest in me was second to none! The products she recommended, I purchased, and in record speed they arrived at my door... these too blew me away, and I can confidently say my curls are coming back in full swing!

It was because of her level of care I reached out to her - because whether you are in a products or service industry - it really is all about the customer service! Another like minded Mumma in business... we caught up for a cuppa and a bit of a Lifestyle Branding photo session and here's what we chatted about :

Kaycee, originally from across the ditch, moved to Australia in her late teens after completeing her studies in hair dresssing. She met her hubby (also now known as Mr TLC who works along side Kaycee at This Little Curl ), and became a Mumma to 2 curly girls. It was during this time, as a stay at home Mum that she found a niche that seemed to be lacking in Australia - curly hair products that were located here on home soil and that didn't need to be imported with hefty postage costs. After jumping back into the industry and stumbling across a range of products that were "home grown" just up the Bruce hwy at the Sunny Coast...that smelt amazing and actually worked.... so was born This Little Curl; an online one stop curly hair products supply business, combined with a wealth of knowledge of curly hair to boot, and a passion that lit a fire in her belly to be able to share it with the rest of the curly world- so curls could be loved and celebrated. It is no wonder TLC has started to collect awards at various national and local business awards.

Bayside Entrepreneur Kaycee founder of This Little Curl

Kaycee had quite a successful 2022 with being a finalist in the AusMumpreneur Awards for Rising Star AusMumpreneur of the Year, E-Commerce Store Award ,  Hair & Beauty Business Award and Overcoming the Odds Award.Also Bronze Winners at the National Roar Success awards for 2022 in the hair, beauty and fashion category. FINALISTS IN THE SPECIALISED RETAIL CATEGORY at Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.As well as taking out the Editiors Choice silver of the 2022 SHE-Com Awards

Tell me about your business and what services you offer?

"Through This Little Curl I help people learn how to look after and love their naturally curly hair. We sell a range of products and accessories to help along on the curly journey and I'm always happy to provide tips and tricks for you to get the best from their curls."

Is there a story behind the name of your business?

"I used to always sing the "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine song" then when I was thinking of business names my brain just started singing this little curl of mine and that was that."

What do you offer your clients that is different to everyone else? 

"Coming from a hairdressing background and having trained specifically with curly hair as well, I have industry knowledge and having walked my own curly journey I know first hand how it can feel, and the frustration of trying 600 products with no great results."

What inspires you? 

"Our curly community itself. Those, who like me, grew up frustrated, self concious and loathing their curls. I want to create a world where no one ever feels less than because of their natural hair."

What is your favourite part of what you do?

"Seeing the results and the genuine happiness that they bring to Curlies. There is nothing better than seeing a Curly confidently rocking a great hair day."

This Little Curl - Curly Event 2022

At the end of October Kaycee had a brilliant idea! Why not get her curly hair community, aka as her "Curlies", together for a Curly Christmas Party! This soon became Cocktails and Curls, and an event that I had the pleasure of taking some shots of, including all the beautiful community Kaycee had created. There was a great turnout, with lots of laughs, and 'hip popping' photos. A HUGE sponsorship from the curly community spoiled us with amazing goodie bags (which I was very lucky to receive!). The night was a huge success, and it really showed just how much Kaycee loves her communty... and how much her Curlies love her! (me included)

Having 'Curl Confience' is Kaycee's dream for everyone with naturally wavy, curly and kinky hair; educating them on how to love their hair, how to embrace it, and how to care for it. If you are looking for an absolute game changing way, and education on how best look after your curls to make them look amazing, and to make you feel amazing about them, look no futher than This Little Curl . You can also find her on Socials Facebook and Instagram